2020 Midwest Penturners Gathering
April 24 and 25, 2020 - Chicago / Schaumburg Illinois

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April 10, 2020

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April 20, 2020

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Exotic Blanks

Whether you are looking for pen kits, natural materials, space-age plastics, vintage material, exotic materials, or just something new and different for your most valued clients, we at Exotic Blanks are here to provide you with a wide range of exciting choices for the soul of your creations.

With many years of experience in the arts behind us, we have taken the guess work out of selecting exciting new products. As active artists, we have worked with and proven all of the materials we offer. We provide tips and hints as to peculiarities of the various materials. And we are available to answer those burning questions or to accept your special requests.

In short, Exotic Blanks offers everything you need to take your products to another level, pleasing your customers and increasing your personal satisfaction. Browse through our many offers. Bet you can’t choose just one!

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Ohio PenWorks

Ohio Pen Works sells unique and distinctive pen blanks cast in Alumilite.

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T. Shadow

Tools for the wood turner by a wood turner . Here at T. Shadow & Co. we strive to bring the best quality tools and accessories we can to you, the wood turner.

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The American Association of Woodturners

Mission Statement
The mission of the American Association of Woodturners is to provide education, information, and organization to those interested in turning wood.

The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) is a Minnesota nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, dedicated to advancing the art and craft of woodturning worldwide by providing opportunities for education, information, and organization to those interested in turning wood. Established in 1986, AAW currently has more than 16,000 members and a network of over 365 local chapters globally representing professionals, amateurs, gallery owners, collectors, and wood/tool suppliers. AAW’s journal, American Woodturner is the foremost publication on the art and craft of woodturning in the world.

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Kallenshaan Woods

Kallenshaan Woods is a family owned, unique laser cutting and engraving business located in Las Vegas, Nevada. After designing and creating the first ever laser cut inlay pen kits in 2003, we continue today to make that our main focus. Over 185 laser inlay pen kit designs are currently available.

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KD Creative Woodworks

Home of some of the most unique blanks available. Zebra Blanks. Crayon. Hybrid. Swirls. And many, many more.

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The Pensmiths

Two brothers making custom writing instruments and other woodturning projects. Also specializing in custom Alumilite blanks.

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Easy Wood Tools

Easy Wood Tools® makes high quality, easy to use, hand-crafted turning tools and accessories so people will have more time to relax, create, and enjoy woodturning as a hobby or profession. We’re a family-owned business that takes its mission very seriously. We’re the leading replaceable carbide-tipped woodturning tool manufacturer for a reason:

  • We focus only on turning;
  • We are consistently first to market with cutting-edge turning tool;
  • and accessory design;
  • Our products are high quality and hand made in America;
  • Our customer service staff is knowledgeable, responsive, and fast.

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Garage Pen Company

Colored Pen Blanks

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Stadium Pen Blanks

Founded in 2010, Hardin Penworks branched off to form Stadium Pen Blanks. SPB specializes in pen blanks from stadium seats, benches, walls, & floors. SPB has historical & nautical blanks as well as embedded historical & cultural blanks are available.

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Midwest Woodworking Electronics

Midwest Woodworking Electronics provides project kits for woodworkers to create their own electronic gadgets.

Our first products to market are laser pointer kits. These laser pointers are designed to the upmost quality. Our patented laser pointer kits allows for a long single body which gives focus more on the craftmanship of the wood/acrylic body. They pair well with a finely crafted pen for gifts.

This is a new market for penturners who sell to companies, jewelry stores, and craft shows. The target end-users are business people who do presentations, or people who do indoor/outdoor work to point at objects like construction sites, factories, nature, stargazing, etc… And of course their fun for cats too.

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Rich Coers

Exceptional wood blanks. From pens to bowls. Beautiful and pure.


Fred loves to design and improve useful tools and jigs for all types of projects. His line of silicone casting molds first started by looking into how he could create his own pen blanks. Today, his business has diversified into several lines of custom pen making products and accessories.

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Ankrom Exotics

Ankrom Exotics is a small, privately owned, business that has been operating since 2008. However, that wasn't when this all began or started. Pat's father is a Knifemaker and although Pat didn't follow in his fathers' footsteps, an interest began to grow in the various materials that could be used for the handles of those knives. That interest matured into buying various species of wood & then onto improving upon nature, itself. He began testing different stabilizing methods to find a process that would create woods that were more resistant to enviormental changes and stronger than they were before this process was applied. He also wanted to make it so that it would finish much nicer & easier. It took awhile (and a lot of experimenting) before he finally perfected the method/process we currently use today.

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